Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wiltord calls Lyon chairman 'ridiculous'

RENNES, France (AFP) - Sylvain Wiltord has launched a bitter attack on his former Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas following the two month saga over his transfer to Rennes.

"From time to time Mr Aulas went too far," Wiltord told Friday's L'Equipe newspaper.

"He didn't have to feel the need to speak out every time he saw a microphone. He'd have been better off speaking to me to sort out any problems, he's been ridiculous," the France international added.

Wiltord was particularly annoyed by an incident back in April when he felt he was unfairly singled out by Aulas for partying with other teammates before a French League game with Rennes.

Wiltord also took exception to the way Aulas handled his protracted move to Rennes.

"People aren't stupid. With him (Aulas) one time it's pink, one time black, one time it's blue one time it's green. He should keep quiet, and not only with me."Wiltord added: "Mr Aulas said once that the only player he'd ben prepared to offer a lifetime contract to was Eric Abidal.

But when Eric left for Barcelona, not just any club, he said that he'd made too many defensive errors. I leave you to act as judge on that.

"The 33-year-old striker, who has won 92 caps for France and made 125 appearances for Rennes from 1991-97, will earn 150,000 euros a month back at his old club, a significant salary cut from his days at Lyon.

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